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Fairfield man denies killing, burying wife with wedding ring, perfume, bag of chips

The murder weapon was found in Luc Tieman’s parents’ home, where he and his wife lived shortly before her death. Tieman admitted Friday that the gun belonged to him. Under cross-examination, Tieman did not recall many of the statements he made to police even though recordings of those conversations were played during the trial. He acknowledged that his nickname for Valerie, who middle name was Joy, was “Joy Joy.” He said that she called him Luc-e Bear. Tieman said that he could not explain how notes with those terms on them were buried with his wife. When the prosecutor asked if he’d seen the ring found in the grave, Tieman said he hadn’t seen it. Zainea handed the gold band packaged in an evidence bag to Tieman and asked if he recognized it. “Can I try it on?” he asked. “It looks like my wedding band.” Tieman, who testified over his attorney’s objections, was not allowed to try it on and did not explain how it got in his wife’s grave. Closing arguments and instructions will be given Monday, the judge said.

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