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Burns, CEO of in Boston, tracked down the missing knives, but says the incident shows “thank-you notes are not obsolete, because they functionally serve as receipts.” Obstacles and outsourcing.�Alexis Monson, cofounder of the Punkpost note-writing service says “many of us aren't even used to writing one sentence every day ... so the thought of writing many, many thoughtful and beautiful cards just makes people shut down.” Other obstacles: bad handwriting, not knowing what to say, or losing track of who gave which gift. (Use a gift tracker app, spreadsheet, or notepad to remember.) The biggest problem, Monson says, is “organization fatigue.” Once the wedding's over, newlyweds lack the time and energy for another chore. Punkpost handwrites thank-you notes for $6 a card, including mailing (first one free). Customers pick from different handwriting styles, but Monson says the “goal is never to mimic someone's handwriting. Our goal is to help people make good on their good intentions.” The Punkpost app lets senders create text for each card, or they can cut and paste the same message for all. A company called Bond has even developed robotic technology that mimics handwriting, right down to the inconsistencies that make letters look different every time you write them. Customers can choose from 15 handwriting styles, or Bond can digitize handwriting to create a personal style for anyone's notes. Emails.�How about emailed thank-yous? Traditionalists say nope, but in the era of the paperless wedding, paperless thank-yous may be inevitable.

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